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Jean pants (damaged) SD13,17,70cm
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 SD 13, SD17, 70cm boy bodies
 Jean Pants
 Denim (damaged washing)

 SD13: Waist 23cm / Length 37cm / Round Ankle 11cm

 SD17: Waist 25cm / Length 39cm / Round Ankle 12.5cm

 [ Jean Pants (damaged) SD13,SD17,70cm ]

Jean material has been loved since 1990s as the symbol of youth.
Recently, it returned to the center of trend as many new styles are being tried with this material.

This is a slim fit damaged washing jean.


It is expressed rough and unique style more than original washing jean. 

* Considering characteristics of jean material, we used same threads as the ones used on human's jeans.
Also when we created patterns, we lowered the waist line and bent the band around the waist to emphasize jean pants' charm while making them fit nicely around the body. 


* SD13 & SD17 : Modeled on Volks  SD13 & SD17 Boy Body.

* 70cm : Modeled on Luts SSDF Boy body.

* Compatible with other bodies but may fit differently on other companies’ bodies.