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Mr. Captain 75cm,76cm
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 75cm, 76cm Boy bodies
 Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Necktie, Badge, Epaulettes 2set (Jacket & Shirts)- total 7 pcs
 Jacket, Pants : Fine Wool / Shirts : Cotton Blended
  Jacket_ Navy / Pants _Ivory, Navy (optional) / Shirts_ White / Necktie_ Navy Stripe
  Captain's Cap_ White+Navy combination
 75cm sizes :
 Jacket: Chest 40cm / Length 28cm / Shoulders 20.5cm / Sleeve Length 27cm /
 Shirt: Chest 38cm / Length 28cm / Shoulders 19cm / Sleeve Length 8cm /
 Pants: Waist 31cm / Length 46cm /
 [ Mr. Captain 75cm,76cm ]

   [Mr. Captain] is Freedom Teller's recreation of pilot captain's suit.

  With simple but bold sihouette, such details like gold buttons, cap, emblem and badges,
  we have recreated captain's uniform.
  This classic look with well arranged colors of navy, white and gold will capture your heart.

  Jacket & shirt's epaulettes are detachable. we prepared each pair of them.

* Pants are required. Please select your prefer color between Ivory and navy.

* Captain's Cap is optional.
  Please select the circumference (25cm/27cm) from dropdown options.

* Modeled on Darak 75cm Body.

* Compatible with other bodies but may fit differently on other companies’ bodies.