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Jean pants (widefit)_colored 65cm,70cm,75cm
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 65cm, 70cm ,75cm boys 
 Colored Jeans
 cream/ pink/ mocha beige/

 65cm : Waist 24cm / Length 40cm

 70cm Slim : Waist 26cm / Length 44cm

 70cm Muscle : Waist 28cm / Length 46cm

 75cm : Waist 31cm / Length 49cm

 [ Jean pants (widefit) colored 65cm,70cm,75cm ]


It is a new basic Jean pants .

Pants are wide & loose fit with longer length. 

We made waist line lower this season to make it hip. 

The color is prepared in cream,pink, mocha beige. please select from options!

* 70cm Slim : Luts SSDF, Switch Humming/Attractive sizes are made in the same size,

  70cm Muscle : Dollits DAD, DF-A are made in the same size.

  So, there is a difference in length and fit. Please check it before making the order! 

* Model :
  Head- Freedom Teller [ RUNE ] 

  Body- 70cm Dollits DAD Body / 75cm Idealian 75 Body

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.

Product Details | Related Products | Product Q's    
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