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Lisianthus II (Pure) 62cm,65cm
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 62cm, 65cm, 70cm

 Cape coat, Coat collar, Shirt, Pants, Bustier, Waist string, decorative tie (neck)

 decorative button (for collars), decorative chain (jacket front closure)  - total 9 pcs


 Coat, Pants - Jacquard / Long Pants - Wool mix stretch / Cape collar - Cotton jacquard

 Shirt - Cotton mix jacquard / decorative tie - Satin+Lace+beads 


 Off-White Set / Pale-Pink Set


 (based on 65cm size)
 Coat: Shoulders 16cm / Sleeve Length 37cm
Pants: Waist 24cm / Short Pants Length 20.5cm / Long Pants Length 39cm

 [  Lisianthus II (Pure) 62cm,65cm ]


    "Lisianthus" is a flower and there is the meaning  "unchanging love". It is a flower often used as a bouquet to present to lover.

It is a motif of Lisianthus which has gorgeous, elegant, and beauty of the petals that bloomed in layers.

It is an aesthetic clothes which embodies the classic of the Freedomeller.

The cape coat is made in a neat form with a rich volume, and finished elegantly using soft jacquard material.

It's basic form of a cape, but if you tie it with a gold waist string, it could show like coat.

Also, various style settings are possible using detachable collars and chain decorations.

The shirt is made by layering frills and laces like soft petals.


Tightening the voluminous shirt with a corset-shaped vest gives a contrast of volume.

The vest is made to adjust the size by tying it with a string from the back.


Shorts are made the same jacquard material with the cape.

Long pants are made of stretch skinny fit, and the color is off-white for all sets.

 * Please choose pants design (short/long) from the option.

 * We are prepared 3 set, Off-White / Pale-Pink / Mint-Green.

 * Leather boots are available with Brown Riding Boots and Black Walker boots.

  You could order separately from the detail page. 



Pre-order period 
2021 June 1st 21:00pm ~ June 13th 21:00pm * It's based on Korean time*

* Modeled on 
Head- Freedom Teller [ ENOCH ] / Body- 65cm Body

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.