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Trench Coat (solid) 65cm,70cm,72cm
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  65cm, 70cm, 72cm Boys
  Trench Coat 
  Wool Garbardine
  Off-White / Cappuccino Beige / Black 

  65cm - Volks SD17 size 
  Chest 34cm / Length 40cm / Shoulders 16cm / Sleeve Length 22cm 

  70cm - Switch Humming size 
  Chest 36cm / Length 42cm / Shoulders 17cm / Sleeve Length 24cm 


  [ Trench Coat 65cm,70cm,72cm ]



 It's a classic trench coat using a wool material.

 The details of the authentic trench coat are finely crafted to create a soft and precise fit.

 We made this coat oversiezed and the belt longer this season.


 We are prepared Off-white, Cappuccino Beige, Black. Please select the color from the option. 

On the last photos, we put 75cm size trench coat on 70cm body intentionally

   in order to show rmore relaxed overfit as a trend . Please note!


* Head - Freedomteller [Enoch] [Lune] / 
  Body - 65cm Volks SD17 body / 70cm SWITCH Humming, Dolits DAD body

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.