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Campanella (Dark) ID75,EID
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 ID75, EID

 Long Tail Coat, Vest, Pants, Shirt, Tie (detachable), Chain (jacket fastening) - total 6 pcs 


 Coat, Pants - Wool + Satin / Vest - Gold Jacquard / Shirt - Chiffon (wrinkled) / Tie -  Plain Gauze, Metal


 Dark Set 


 (based on ID75)
 Coat: Chest 40cm / Length cm / Shoulders 19cm / Sleeve Length 26cm
Pants: Waist 33cm / Length 43cm

 [ Campanella (Dark) ID75, EID ]


    《 Campanella set is inspired by a cheerful rhythmic feel of beautiful symphony.

  This clothes set combines the classic elements of FreedomTeller with romantic feeling..

  The jacket is a tuxedo jacket style, which combines satin color and soft long tail.

  It finished with the pintuck pants classically

  The shirt is made of delicate chiffon material that is wrinkled to create a soft line like flowingly. 

  The satin color and pearl buttons are used to be luxury.

  The gold jacquard vests and decorative ties add to the opulence of this set.


 The vest is elegantly expressed with a high neck at the back while the front has a low cut to make the decorative tie stand out.

  The decorative tie is detachable, and the ribbon tie and metal ornaments are used in multiple layers to give a splendor.


We are prepared ash brown set and black set.


* Modeled on Soom ID75 Doll

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.