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Lisianthus I (Dark) 70cm,75cm
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  70cm, 75cm Homme

 Coat, Vest, Pants, Shirt, 2 collar decoration(detachable), 1 pair of cuffs(detachable) - total 7 pcs


 Coat, Vest - Jacquard / Pants - Stretch / Shirt - Satin Stripe 

 Collar, Cuffs - Wrinkle Chiffon + Plain gauze Lace 


 Black Set


  (based on Idealian 75 size)
  Coat: Chest 40cm / Length 45cm / Shoulders 19.5cm / Sleeve Length 25.5cm
Pants: Waist 29cm / Length 46cm

 [ Lisianthus I (Dark) Idealian75, EID ]


    "Lisianthus" is a flower and there is the meaning  "unchanging love". It is a flower often used as a bouquet to present to lover.

It is a motif of Lisianthus which has gorgeous, elegant, and beauty of the petals that bloomed in layers.

It is an aesthetic clothes which embodies the classic of the Freedomeller.

This set is coat, vest, pants, shirt, 2 collar decoration, 1 cuffs. Total is 7 pieces. 

The shirt is as a flower is blooming. The lace collar and the cuffs are added like a petal with a layered bloom. The collar and cuffs are all removable.

The collar decoraton has added a simple satin bow tie, making it possible to show a neat style.

We put a volume-inspired shirt on the best of corset type and gave a contrast of volume.

The Vest is designed to adjust the size of the back strap tied.

 Pants come in the shape of the waist up,

 It is made to stick to the body by using stretch material to wear long boots together.

 The coat is finished with elegant jacquard material as a whole,

 We are added satin colors and velvet trimming to the collar and sleeves to give them classic points.

 * Leather boots are available with Black Walker boots.

  You could order separately from the detail page. 



Pre-order period 
2019 May 04th ~ May 25th 21:00pm * It's based on Korean time*

* Modeled on 
Soom Idealian 75cm Body.

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.