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Overfit Coat (hidden) 62cm,65cm,70cm
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 62cm, 65cm, 70cm  Boy
 Required - Coat + 1 belt / Optional : Add the belt 
 Wool / Poly

 latte beige + black belt / black + stripe belt   


 SD13 : Chest 33cm / Length 30cm / Shoulders 14.5cm / Sleeve Length 20cm 

 SD17 : Chest 36cm / Length 32cm / Shoulders 15cm / Sleeve Length 22cm

 70cm : Chest 40cm / Length 35cm / Shoulders 15.5cm / Sleeve Length 24cm

 [ Overfit Coat (hidden) 62cm, 65cm, 70cm ]



There is no collar, and the front closure button is also hidden, It is a casual coat giving a minimal impression throughout.

When you tie the belt, you can make it more chic.

The are two different types belt : leather and stripe belt. One belt will be shipped in the color specified with the coat.

* Latte Beige (+ Black Belt) / Black (+ Stripe Belt) 


* Modeled on Volks SD17 Boy Body.
* Compatible with other 65cm doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.