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COCO (Ivory set) DD femme
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 Jacket, Skirt
 Jacket, Skirt: Wool 
 Ivory Set
 [ COCO (ivory set) DD ]

[ COCO (ivory set) DD ] is Freedom Teller's reinterpretation of classic Channel suit set.


We gave this suit a nice point with color arraged trimming and out pocket and we emphasized lines from breast to waist line for a great fit. The skirt is tailored to above knee length for modern look. 

When worn as a set, it will look formal but you can also create a sophisticated casual look by coordinating the jacket with other items like jeans.


* Bag and pearl necklace of picture does not included ! *


* We use Ivory Tweed fabric forthis set basically.

   However, the texture of tweed can be changed slightly.  


* Modeled on Volks DD Girl body.
* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.